Growing into our own: the rebranding of Maruapula Brand

Growing into our own: the rebranding of Maruapula Brand


It is fascinating to navigate life in a quest to fill your pockets with gems that you mindfully pick up as reflections of your lived experiences. Along the way, some moments and tokens carve at who you are (and who you are unknowingly becoming). It is moving to realise that when the gems are displayed and curated from your perspective, they bring you closer to understanding your definition of value and impact.

By filling your pockets with gems, I am referring to what you seek out as an expression and extension of who you are, what moves you. I am also fascinated by how the definition of that value and preciousness is subjective. It is like your own process of alchemy. Turning something unseen and understated into gold.

Maruapula Brand has navigated the past 7 years in efforts to carve out what we see in the mirror – a partner that is driven to create meaningful connections. The moments and tokens that we collected along the way, have reflected the trajectory of our growth. We now embrace and share with you our new path and the rebranding of the business and brand. We are your trusted brand partner in curating brand strategies and shared experiences that connect you more meaningfully to your ecosystem and stakeholders.

It is with great pride that throughout the course, we grew in leaps and bounds in areas that challenged our identity and core competencies. For us, the gems in our pockets, lead us into growing more into our own. 

Thank you to those Rainkmaker, clients, service providers, mentors, coaches and sponsors who have cared for our growth in all phases of our journey. We embrace this change, and we look forward to more pockets full of gems and dreams.