Don’t make brand promises you can’t keep. Promises represents everything a company stands for. Your marketing sets a level of expectation in people’s minds. That builds trust.

A way to quickly compromise your brand credibility is to not follow up on your brand promise. Avoid being cynical and making your brand promise something that was expected already anyway, nor should the brand promise come with conditions.

Remember to teach people how to treat you. By being inconsistent and vague, people fall out of love with your brand. Trust is the foundation and prerequisite for obtaining deeper engagement with customers. Customers who experience a failed promise will switch to other brands. Gambling with your brand integrity isn’t worth the potential loss you will feel as a business and ultimate brand. Trust cannot be assumed or bought–it must be earned through consistent actions. However, even your brand were to consistently deliver on its promise, one broken promise may have a significant impact on trust.

What we suggest you do is have a realistic brand promise. Look at your brand personality, align the promise to your values and measure them up to your unique selling point. Organise your entire operation to deliver on your promise. It starts by ensuring that your brand strategy is centered on its fulfilment. Look at using tangible symbols to communicate your brand promise.

An effective brand promise is simple and inspiring. Enable feel an emotional connection to a person, product, or company through the brand promise.

Your company and brand culture should be informed by core values that reinforce your commitment to uphold your brand promise. Constantly look at ways of evaluating your progress, conduct brand promise audits internally and externally. At its core, your brand promise should define your entire business and should touch every aspect of your company.